Guinea Pig Art Work
Cuthbert's high gravity beer
Our fictitious beer advert, this one's on me...
Rosa's guinea pig
Rosa's guinea pig

This site is for Thee Big Mouse, art and music and shizzle.


Just getting into messing around with YouTube, will see how it goes.


Please go on ahead and read the funny blog or get some music or whatever.


And you know, that I know, that you know; "Points mean prizes".


Give the Nephews' other site a try, umm no don't bother I shut that sheet downnn...


So don't mind me, get on out there and have a great day.


I'm a funny blogger!!!

Big Mouse, Chris Cuthbert, Too many wine gums...
chris cuthbert, thee big mouse, shades on, yellow shirt
Chris Cuthbert, Fender Strat, Summer 2018
Big Mouse, squiggles, guinea pig, art
Squiggles, he loves the ladies!!!!

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WW1 Soldier William Valentine Cuthbert 1895-1937
Grandfather Val -> New Art