Sunglasses On A Dark Afternoon?

Wearing Sunglasses When It's Not Sunny?


OK I admit I've done this before and I think it is not necessarily a wrong thing to do. Other people might look at you and say to each other (often loudly as they approach you and get near enough) "Oh look at this idiot" or something to the order of that.  


My specific intentions while performing the act of, you know, wearing sunglasses on a dimly illuminated afternoon possibly in the interim of a rainy day (if that makes sense) were:


Well for one thing I think I was being metaphorical you see, maybe in a almost dare I say 'theatrical sense' but in the real world. My reason for this would be mainly put down to boredom caused by very ugly women 'checking me out.' There is only so much of that I can stomach... To explain what I mean by metaphorical, I mean that the sunglasses represent (well at least I was hoping people would realise this) inappropriateness. When I say inappropriateness I mean of very ugly women, usually easily old enough to know that they are being out of line, 'checking me out.' Even attempting to talk to me and making very obvious eye contact, very annoying as I am trying to do my grocery shopping! Now, why the sunglasses represent inappropriateness must be self explanatory.


You really wouldn't believe it but I get one after the other after the other. Completely shameless unnecessary eye contact I do my very best to avoid I need to highlight! It has me wondering if they all realised they are guilty of this, they would no longer do it? I notice this so much because males generally don't do it, they look straight ahead and don't seem to be interested.  


What really would be a hard scenario is if I had to spend more than 5 minutes exchanging conversation with one of them (this sometimes does happen), they must love it.


Anyway this post is getting far too long so maybe I will return to this problem in a future post, more than likely, I will yes.



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