Confidence? - Feb 2014



Right confidence hey, you either have a problem with it or you've got far too bloody much of it is my observation.


Lacking Confidence


Let's start with the former, you're shy right? Frightened to speak your feelings? Don't want to look like an idiot in front of your 'friends?' Well there is all sorts of things you could do to try improve your confidence.


First of all I would say 'Don't give a damn bugger what other people think,' if they don't like what you've got to say or what you're thinking; you do not need them in your life.


Go out for a drink with your pals, get out there, make some noise, do some shouting get noticed. There is not much worse than being that quiet little wussy who sits in the corner all silent never saying anything because you are too afraid.


Yeah what the hell, go do some vandalism, go smash someone's car windscreen and see what happens. Go pick a fight with some extremely drunk individual who has no chance of winning, yeah go flying kick him in the face! Why not you're young got nothing to loose, you'll make a real name for yourself; all the hot chicks will be desperate and begging you for a shag after that! Your reputation as the hardest kid on the block will be forever secured. Yeah you'll be getting laid: 





Haha. No one will ever want to mess with you ever again because you are soooo hard!


Take up smoking there is nothing that makes you look tougher, honestly all the hot chicks and the dudes, it will be like taking candy from a baby. Just remember - You are so cool, soo hard, YOU ARE THE MAN! Hehe. Keep telling yourself that and there will be no stopping you buddy.


Over Confident


OK, you're over confident, unfortunately these types of people are not few and far between if you know what I mean.


  • You're a loud mouth tosser right? Can't stop that tongue from wagging at college and the teacher always tells you off? 


  • Think you're really 'hard' and want to 'batter all the gays' (although more than likely you are in fact the biggest gay from around these parts!) Haha.


  • You think all the women love you and you've got 'the biggest d*ck etc etc.' You take drugs and drink beer and smoke because you're trying to look tough.


If these statements describe you then I can confirm you fit the 'Over Confident' category.


You need to calm down if this is the case, try do some art work! Yeah go ahead with that buddy! Or become a musician yeah you go ahead with that as well! You will no doubt be very successful, yeah you will go straight to the top with the right woman!


What Needs To Be Done?


Well, you should be more careful.


I think, you want a good kick in the arse and you'll get one before you are not very much older!





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