I Don't Drink, Red Wine - March 2014

"I Don't Ever Drink Red Wine" 


I think it was Count Dracula himself who said those very words and I reckon it could have been a very sensible choice of his. 


I've been tea total for the past 11 months now and I think I feel much better for it. I plan to continue, be consistent for as far into the future as I can see. 


Not drinking for health reasons mainly, I heard it may be as bad as smoking and I notice there is still plenty of fools who do that. Alcohol is a carcinogen and may be a likely cause of brain diseases like dementia. Anybody will do well to avoid getting cancer or dementia I believe. 


But not drinking is not for everyone but I love green tea which is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants destroy cancer causing stuff that’s in your body so get a load of that down yourself. Also fresh fruit and vegetables destroy those cancer causing things floating around inside us. 


I was also finding I was getting grumpy and a bit depressed from drinking alcohol. It is true if you drink even as little as (get drunk I mean) once or twice a week, over the space of a year alcohol will alter your personality a bit. You will more likely be kind of miserable unless you get a few beers in you. Well that is personally what I found with myself. 


Then there is doing stupid stuff when you are very drunk which I don't really want to give details about but finding that no longer happens, I think I am doing the correct thing. Pretty much making a big cock of yourself in front of everybody which you wouldn't do if it was not for those 18 pints you drank that evening. 


Then there is this stupid thing where your drinking friends say something to you like "haha look at you, you big pussy can't keep up with us" or "you're slacking off here aren't you ya facking light weight." They do this so you will try compete with them and prove you're not a "light weight" but really why the f*ck do you listen to those idiots. You are simply putting your health (mental and physical) on the line. All for the sake of a bunch of arseholes who aren't really being your friends anyway. 


You ever think you may just be thirsty go drink a bloody pint of water! 


The same as smoking, goes without saying.

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