Looking At All This Crap I've Written - October 2014

I'm Looking At This Crap I've Written 


I'm looking at this crap I've written and decided I need to be more positive. Not to go on about the bad things in life but focus on the good things. 


I was thinking of purposes for this website or just things I could do on here that would be more constructive instead of going on about things I don't like. Really I think I was just trying to fill up some blank space to see if it had any affect on the site traffic so nothing to worry too much about. 


Hopefully if I continue with this positive tone, this will create the effect of theebigmouse.com not looking like some kind of extension of the British National Party.  As far as written content goes any way. 


The following is a selection of fun topics: 


Going To The Cinema 

I used to like going to the cinema but these days the price of a ticket plus popcorn and a drink put me off. Also I have not really been keeping up with what's going on in the film industry, I look at most of these new actors and actresses and think who the hell is that? I'm fairly disinterested  if I don’t know the stars of the film so that is more reason to avoid the cinema. 



It is getting near, the season to be jolly I am referring to. I love Christmas and I believe it does not last long enough. Even though it is pretty much just about shops selling parent's toys and games etc. If you can look through that there is a lot of fun stuff also. Going out and getting in the Christmas spirit is good, looking at all the flashing colourful decorations and seeing everyone having fun is good to see 


I cannot wait to get the old tree out and make everything sparkle although I realize not everyone celebrates in the same way.  I remember those political correctness maniacs wanted to rename the festive season to 'Winterfest' or something like that. If you ask me that is taking things a little too far. 



It is that ghosty time of year next week I think, I like this also it is almost like a preparation for Christmas. Although I keep the door locked and don't give any kids any sweets to be on the safe side. The television gets interesting with horror films and spooky themed programs. This is similar to getting into the Christmas spirit but instead of Father Christmas and reindeers, it is about vampires and monsters and ghosts and that sort of thing. It is just a shame it only lasts for one night, when the spirits are supposed to come out and haunt the living and unfortunately stupid kids also who commit crimes. 


Hopes For The Future 

Right, if you ask me that is a fairly good start to raising the tone of theebigmouse.com. I want this site to appeal to the more sophisticated customer. 


What is next? Well we will see, what you need to do now first of all is get your Halloween costumes down to the dry cleaners and get out there and frighten some strangers.   



I'll see you again, same time, same channel - You stay classy. 


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