Damn, Now It Is 2015 And I Wanna Be Serious With You Here

Damn, Now It's 2015 And I Wanna Be Serious With You Here


Hi there readers, well you may not believe it either but well it is 2015 and February at that. Yeah I know I cannot believe it also. 


That's right this is the very first post of the year. You may think I am lazy for leaving this much time between the last post and this one; which I reckon must have been back in uhhh October last year and you would probably be correct. 


I feel that right now would be a good time to let everyone in on a few secrets about me that I do not usually communicate to others; but it could well be the case that they notice these flaws but are just too polite to point them out, which is just good manners. 


First off, yeah I am not completely certain how to use the apostrophe one hundred percent of the time (let alone spell apostrophe without a spell checker) but I persevere all the same. I won't let such a small thing as an apostrophe hold me back and get in my way of me doing my 'work.'  


Another interesting fact about myself is that well, I doubt anybody realizes but, I often use big words that I am not totally sure what they mean to make myself appear clever like "condescension." Listen, I have no damn Idea what "condescension" means but if I use it as part of a sentence the person I am speaking with probably will not know what it means either so will be 'firmament.' You see what I have done there? I would not be surprised if you also, have been blinded by the illusion of my intelligence. Thus, you won't want to look unintelligent by pursuing me any farther because you do not know what I am talking about, and why would you anyway? 


Alright alright alright that is close enough....... 



What am I hoping to achieve in 2015


What am I hoping to achieve in 2015 is the question on just about every person on the planet is almost exploding  with anticipation to ask me I know I know. Well what I initially say to that is "strike while the iron is hot," and you know precisely what I mean by that do you not? And well if you don't I suggest you get your arse back up to the classroom and learn yourself good. 


Now, moving on and you know what I want to talk to you about, politics. That's right folks I wanna tell you how I just damn well don't care and will most certainly be voting for, ahh well as my dear old Dad used to say "mind your own bizz." I don't know about you but all these damn mother fuckers you get ramming this idea down your throat that you have to vote for, well who evers' shit the representative is trying to sell you but, I wish they would f*ck off. Right that will probably prematurely end my plans to be the future prime minister. Wait a minute is that really two words?  Prime Minister? Shit oh well this "right honorable gentleman" is starting to feel dizzy so let's cut this short. May 2015 is the general election I believe and the voters need to get out there or maybe the opposite, don't get out there. What if no one votes? Will there be some kind of apocalypse with no government? Alright Alright Alright this dizziness is really starting to get to me. 


oh what we are out of time? Just as well because I'm not intricately educated when it comes to politics anyway. I was just trying to be funny you know I thought it might make people laugh being out of my depth. 


So I'm signing off again, "don't take your woman up the wrong hole!" 

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