What's Next? 'Frozen' Anyone? It's My Birthday Soon - 2015

What's Next? 'Frozen' Anyone? It's My Birthday Soon 


Next major thing on my list is my birthday. I am not going to be specific as to how young I am going to be. The reason for this is if my security was to be compromised by some cyber-psycho wanting to destroy all of my work; not being certain of who is my enemy. As usual I am aiming for the better tomorrow, a tomorrow where a facade is not needed just so that we could make our way in the world. 


What the damn hell?

I see you and you know what I've got on my mind? Oh yes I know that you know what I know so don't try and avoid it. Erratic flamboyant inflection and you know what, that is more certain than not going to have accumulated to by the middle of July? There is no magnitude lucid enough. All I want is to put on that new 'Frozen' DVD I bought in the supermarket but the DVD player on my laptop is buggered so things aren't going to be terribly straight forward for now. 


Check out this rope, rope? Underwent shrunken rope, who needs it? Similar to bubbling sounds, suspect dormouse hibernating, column fighting against a compass. 


The magic of Disney

Getting back to my 'Frozen' DVD, I watched it. It's Disney back up to the standards of the good old times. I loved it "Do you want to build a snowman?" Ahhh then there is Olaf and he is fabulous just so so fabulous everything about him. It's made with computers I think err it looks like it to me graphics, technology these days is so advanced; who knows what they won't be able to do in 10 years time it is frightening. 


You make me want to puke!

Something I am just about fed up of, breakfast cereal. Muesli, do you eat it? I eat it every day almost and now I choke on every spoonful. I tried adding a bit of boiling water to it so the milk isn't too cold but it's still no good. Goodness, beyond the limits am I seeing things? 



Insomnia... I must have the worst case of it but not right now I am sleeping just fine thank you very much. Sometimes it creeps back up on me I must admit, oh look it's 4am and I've not slept yet, time to get up and take some sleeping pills. Hmmm a selection here, could take some Skullcap? Hops? Valerian? Lavender flower capsules. Shit or maybe take some Zopiclone. I don't like Zopiclone I hear it doesn't send a person into a proper sleep and I will wake up feeling unrested. Bonus Points! I think I just invented a new word there. Really if you can get by without sleeping pills then all the better.



'Shaun Of The Dead' that was one of those films most people would remember I would have thought. That brings up the topic of Zombies. I don't think I have expressed my views sufficiently when it comes to them but what is there to say that had not already been said? Bastards I think best sums them up. In a world where... Napalm, yes it would be useful in those circumstances they would simply melt into the blue sea. You wouldn't think that's allowed would you, these undead buggers just come bursting in trying to pin all kinds of shit on you. This needs to be looked into more I don't see any kind of  apology. What they need is the race relations people setting on them. 


Let's finish on a positive note here. As you should remember it is my birthday coming up and what am I going to do to celebrate? Well I am going to pretend that it's  not my birthday. Yes you read that right in fact I'm going to get younger if anyone asks. 


Oh well that's the end of that! 

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