Alright People And Cenobites 2015

Alright People And Cenobites

Alright peopleeeeee, just had a good nights rest and feel ready to take on the world. I had a pretty cool dream and I wish it was not just a dream. It's not like when you wander into a supermarket looking for something and you just go in and get it. Ummmm NO. If I go to sleep and aim to have a certain type of dream; often, like before when I did this, all I got was a lot of not very much upon waking. 


Watch your languish

I need to get out there, pronto not being a person to languish around the place I need to get things done. What this may require is taking a trip out to some tropical islands to go swimming with the fishies and why the damn hell not? 


That’s all we fucking need  

Does that ever happen to other people I wonder? When you got mother fuckers all in your face being friendly then all of a sudden they vanish just like that and you don’t see them again for several years with no explanation. Ahhh well who cares. 



One of those films I wanted to watch as a kid was that one errrm 'Hellraiser' and its numerous sequels. I remember being about ten years old and walking home from primary school and past the video rental shop and seeing a poster in the window for it being newly available. I watched it recently or to be precise a few years ago now but definitely well behind schedule. 


Pin Head and his crew aren't on the screen enough in the first film 

You get that? That’s my main complaint but I like the idea of this puzzle box that opens a gateway to another dimension. What there is of them is good though and I probably won't be spoiling things for most people because it is likely they have already seen it. 


Now, why you shouldn't do drugs 

I should not have to tell you this. Just, for the sake of Pete, steer well clear of them.  


More about zombies 

Another but newer horror film I watched was 'Outpost' and it is a WWII zombie kind of film. If you like that sort of thing it should be right up your alley. It's funny because it's about WWII zombies but it's not set at the time of WWII although if it was, would there be sufficient time to create zombies?  


Why when there is already lots of crap out there already? 

Useless bastards, who do you think I am talking about? 

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