Get Out Of Here For Quarter To Six - August 2015

Get out of here for quarter to six 


Crystal night eyes dream 


Drink the graveyard woman 


So, do you really know? 


Tetrode pentode conductance 


Oh shit I need to take my medication 


No I don't ever go over there 


A nice capacitance 


Feminine evil force 


Attend your pea soup 


Conscious corpses subsequent in their dreams 


Irrelevant darkness 


Despondent glycerin imagine deceit disease 


Reflecting the joyless exorcism


Sorcerers experimentation puzzle people of the same sex 


He has got the aids 


Hey shouldn't you be at work now? 


Change it torpedo you little cunt 


Facetious concentration behind their hard looking sky 


So it's OK to smoke pot now? 


Period drama 


Remember to bring your bag of tampons 


At large I got a phone call from him 


Charlie Chaplin mindless wisdom collecting ceremonies 


Escalation on his repetition 


We forgot where we were and what we were doing 


Brazen slut 


Euro good wand 2 avoid

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