Lay This Bitch On The Concrete - November 2015

Lay this bitch on|


I don't care|


Hi so I invite you onto my yacht|


I've already seen enough of you to last 3 lifetimes|


And I am wanting my Nazi scalps or there will be trouble with your phishing equipment|


Cockroaches and those fucking big wasp things or bees or whatever they are|


Skulls, those girls and seaweed yikes|


Did you see that tsunami in Japan I watched it on Youtube and I'm glad I wasn't there at the time I can tell you for certain|


Prohibition was back in the last century and those gangsters were nothing but trouble in Chicago I know|


Spectacular tits| Blue jelly it looks like or green jelly| go swim in it would be the correct thing to do|


Be careful if the doctor ever gives you Diazepam because it can make you constipated and you won't go for a shit for several days is something I discovered|


Up in the mountains snow everywhere and what's pretty much the last thing you expect to see German WWII soldiers shhhhit| Maybe Jean Claude Van Damme will rescue you or maybe he won't| If he's not too busy he will|


Vampires in a quiet town| Napalm, yes napalm that's what you want|


Disenchanted in the Caribbean isn't what people who have been there say|


The octagon| 


Rodents drinking beer low calorie stuff should help avoid getting diabetes but only as part of a healthy diet|


New Guinea is a place far from where I am sat but other people in the world would disagree with that definitely if they live near it, like Australians would understand|


He sucks cock|


You know what I am talking about|


Fields of marijuana as far as the eye can see|


Holocaust happily ever after|


Big hairy balls full of air| Where are my sunglasses| Electric guitars are loud, how about some peace and quiet|


Art, drawing with a pencil I am not good at| Just as well we have tracing paper, bastards like me are destroying the rain-forests|


And mother fuckers like you downloading bit torrents are destroying the entertainment industry so stop it| Find something else to do|


Paper airplanes, that's what you're making hey|


Enjoy the rest of your day|


Looking into your crystal ball, what can you see? Computer games, Sonic, he has come so far hieroglyphically|


Liquid Crystal Display|


I remember when I was very young riding my bike| Fangs dripping blood| Look at the clouds|


Oranges and bananas and coconuts| Where there's coconuts there's bananas frequently|


I drank four bottles of red wine this morning at breakfast and it's hardly even affected my driving this afternoon| I travelled from London to Timbuktu in 25 minutes|


Chicken Shit| It's November going on December and I'm putting ice in my drinks like it's still August|


A couple of very pretty lesbians|

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