Dinosaurs' Destroy Desperation - January 2016

Dinosaurs' destroy desperation

We could take a nice wander up into the hills

This shit is serious

I bet you need a cup of tea now

Escape the inadvertent parrots

Maybe we should have an early night

You are as suave as a combine harvester

Just for a little moment

They don't give a flying saucer

You could be forgiven

No beaches close to here

Where did you get that from

You are still in my face

What were we just talking about

Swift kick in the testicles

Yeah I don't know where you get that from

Having said all that

I dreamt about the small blue shiny snake

You're in my way

I wouldn't go to the swimming pool with you

There is a word for people who do things like this

Kermit the corrupt botanist

Swearing and laughing

Another contusion

We diffidently meander

But where have you been

Ornamental thespian elephant

You two can bake a cake for me still

Why are you angry

When can I see him

What attracts you

That bothers us

After all this time

Insanitary flannel

Sleep on it

Try and focus on the good things

Uh will she eat all that

Up at that ungodly hour

You will do that to the wrong person one day

Towards brilliant perpetual satanic's laughter

Where is that choir boy

You are as bent as a circle

Try be ready

Infiltrating my team

I received the demon of sprightliness

Dilated apparition count towards

Can't quite believe my luck

Some bitches are men as well

Don't try be clever with me bitch

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