Special Treatment On A Hill - January 2016

Once upon a time, concentrating on your desk, I'd be very surprised if she wasn't. A dinosaur called Caroline who was very friendly drank hallucinogenic beer in the desert. She invited Wayne to stay in her castle forever.


A Pretty girl called Easter went to an extravagant party in The Land of Hot Chocolate and Black Currant Pie. She traveled there on a pirate ship on which if you weren't very very well behaved you would have to "Walk the plank". The precise destination in the Land of Hot Chocolate and Black Current Pie, was a bit of a mystery but thought to be a tropical island where in the future nothing will happen but FUN FUN FUN.


Woodstock Spherical Ghosts


There was a young fellow called Charles and he played a game with his Uncle Frank. Uncle Frank's favorite colour was white and he used to enjoy going fishing in the river near Caroline's castle. One day he told Charles to go into the garage just to see what he could see.


Paris Hilton liked painting, and was eating Weetabix with sugar and cold milk one summer morning. Then this big mean Sphincter came along and put a evil spell on the kingdom.


Paris only had one eye and teamed up with Caroline to destroy the mean Sphincter and reverse the curse on the kingdom.


These were indeed strange days and with Paris gone there was not much left to do except make certain you brush your teeth properly and use mouth-wash.


The pretty girl, Easter, on Halloween saw Hendrix at Woodstock. After which they went to Vegas and spent all of their money but it was a whole lot of fun she says. They stayed in the Grand Hotel.




Diamonds - Easter - 7 Commando Beach


Caroline died from heart failure while taking a bath; "Keep your hands off my shit" she used to tell the Sphincter but he would never listen.


In comes Lucy and she loved to drink lots of strong coffee. Wayne was her friend and he gave her diamonds and took her to the 7 Commando Beach. Wayne was the boss of a place called Forbearance and he had a daughter called Boracay. Boracay had long blonde hair and green eyes, she was a very nice girl.


Honest Water - Doctors Propensity - Waking Cough


There was an abhorrent dragon and he was much like a giant fire-breathing wasp, impatient.


They were having a snowball fight after playing a game of football when; Uncle Frank suggested that you would have to be an idiot to go into the garage.


'Honest Water will be haunted by a romantic horror' Charles read written on the garage wall splattered in neon garish orange coloured ink; which may very well have been blood.


But on the other side of the planet in Singapore where the dragon was frivolous; there were gorgeous sandy white beaches and the water was turquoise.


Jurisprudence was what was bothering the kingdom of Honest Water.


We know what you want.

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