Pentagram In Bethlehem, Snowman Aflame - June 2016

Wooooooooooooooooooo woooooooo wow. Oh wow. Shit. You just take a quick look at the sundial. Jesus, it is June 2016 and the weather has been not too fucking bad I would say. Please excuse any blasphemy.


A old, old wise-man once declared to me that "It is good to make a bridge of gold to a flying enemy." This goes round and round in my mind.


Coded Cryptic Secret Hidden Messages 


!!!Watch out here fellow countrymen [Paramount distinguished importance and great noteworthiness of following passage]!!!


To the casual uneducated individual, the writing contained on this website could possibly appear to be a useless; bunch of horse shit. I would like to take this opportunity to communicate that that is unpretentiously not the case. Simply me.


"Bunch of useless horse shit." What else do you fuckin' need to know hahahaha. Read on yeah.......


My sister Val (the baby), Godmother Gwen, Lucy and I. From when we lived in Cyprus for a couple of years.
My sister Val (the baby), Godmother Gwen, Lucy and I. From when we lived in Cyprus for a couple of years.

The Space Ships Are Due To Land


Yeah you read that right. You just wait and see. The apocalypse, that's what is going on here, they are going to come from a distant galaxy in a far-flung universe. Now, keep your eyes on the sundial and away from the pentagram. No offence intended. Compton paved with gold, sorry I mean the road to Compton is paved with gold, remember that old wise fellow? Well he told me that also yes, he was a real daemonic saxophonic. Haha yes that's right he played the saxophone alphanumerically in Munich.


That's right flying saucers 'n' shit! Are they going to be friendly or hostile, well that's up to you.


Contemporary art

Family History (A Year Is Not A Long Time)


I was researching my family tree on the internet, with a bit of luck I'll write more about it in the future. Making a mental note of this as well. Second thought um no actually I probably won't so, MIND YER FACKING BUSINESSSSS.


Snowman aflame? OMFG. How the hell can a snowman be aflame. Reckless fools playing with Ouija boards, in a church crypt, in Bethlehem. This is supposed to be funny you know, humorous. So, lets get with the program sister.


If it is summer then something I have ascertained, life experience, what I am talking about is this. This yes this, a year is not a long time; when I was a kid a year felt like forever but these days now I am older. Far more sensible and attempting to set a good example. Shit what am i saying? Yeah it will be Christmas very soon.


So No One Can Accuse Me Of Not Being In The Christmas Spirit

Starting to get out the Christmas music all ready, because it always seems to pass in the blink of an eye so I hope to not blink and miss it. From what I can tell it's the girls who do it the best. I've got the Carpenters, A Fine Frenzy and Echo Smith put out a Christmas song not long ago; oh yeah and Taylor Swift. So no one can accuse me of not being in the Christmas spirit.


A little something 4 all these Twats I know and find intolerable.

Bless your heart


She looks like something from the Auschwitz death camp in WW2. Someone I know. Any way if you're driving then please do not drink as well, if you're drinking then get a taxi FFS. Stick a bacon sandwich in yer gob for crying out loud girl.


Now, I'm Just Typing Shit Because It Rhymes


But it's funny as f*ck!


Stargazing with the thanksgiving can be mud-slinging or bell-ringing


Wichita rickshaw somehow brontosaur (fuck do not start going on about dinosaurs again)


Conformity such as reciprocity over opacity


Don't give me that sh*t


Immaturity is not allowed in the adversity taking a inebriety (did we invent that word) before pepper-minty


Banality drawn by nobility or astringency will get you nowhere 


Container for keeping bananas but would Tijuana give two fucks


Unimpressed encomiast, tonight bicyclist thoughts of nudist spiritualists growing on a violinist


Right I have just about had enough of this shit. So I am going to crawl, back under the rock I crawled out from; and attempt to rejuvenate. Observing the resenting kingdom.


"Don't take yer woman up the wrong hole," fellas!



Chris Cuthbert

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