Teh Ecomony In Ruins And High Gravity Beer - September 2016



I just got off the phone from George Osbourne and David Cameron. A video conference kind of thing it was to be precise. Oh and aren't they just sensational. I know. I really felt like "we are all in this together." What a refined couple of jolly fellows. Probably won't need to hear from them again any time soon though. With a bit of luck.


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  • Ecomony in ruins and high gravity beer.


  • The ecomony, economy sorry is left in tatters.




In the aftermath of this Brexit shit all one can do is avert his gaze.
And hand you over to our political correspondent if I could remember what his ducking name was it would be a start.

Do you ever wonder what's going on in a place like Papua New Guinea? You do or you don't make your flucking mind up.
We take this sort of Shit very seriously and personally at theebigmouse.com

Bleeders never take any notice of whatever I tell them any how.


high gravity beer



Theresa May is the new person living at 10 downing street. What are the odds on her just being another useless hoe in a position of power. The top spot. The big cheese. Either that or she's a very nice lady. Shoot the moon.

So far this Brexit bollocks has been of little consequence one way or the other for someone like me. I wouldn't be surprised if everything goes Tits up in the not so distant future I feel like I ought to mention. On the other hand things might be just fine some people say.


Bill Murray I think said this and said it best "All the facking government do is lie to the people of our country and call it politics and live like football superstars. When on official documents if we (the general public) are slightly inaccurate about the truth inadvertently. It's called fraud and you can be threatened with jail."


What's a girl like me to do. Go take a lengthy lie down and why not. A few glasses of this high gravity beer drunk and I can set about rectifying this country's economy like a true champion.

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