Greta Garbo's Triangular Gateway to Another Con-flux - Feb 2017

Greta Garbo at the bottom of my yellow jelly

There was that squirty cream out of the aerosol can on top, in a spiral swirl of cream. then under that chocolate custard and shortbread kind of thing. A layer of strawberry jelly then the yellow jelly.

As I scoffed that down I noticed Greta who appeared to be on fire in the upside down triangular glass container. 'My goodness' I exclaimed, 'I really love your films' I continued.

Next I realized she probably wasn't really drowning but back stroking. Just having some fun living in the moment, 'buffet, audit, deadbeat honeybee'. Was what she was saying over and over, in her deep voice; hypnotic I found it. Oh and the music it was enlightening, just as forked lightening struck right in front of me.

I said to her 'well this is something that doesn't happen everyday..'  then this gateway to another dimension started to open up on the opposite wall.

Goodness I thought and considered whether it might be a joke. Just a mean unfunny joke. As I looked into this other dimension I saw reprises, some of them prehistoric. 

I really started thinking I need to get a grip on myself. Suddenly Greta said angrily that she was going back to Sweden. 'Shit' I said then added 'what had enough of all this weirdness and shit hahaha.'

Truthfully I don't blame her, what with gateways to other dimensions opening up and rock & roll music playing forever and ever. Highly inconvenient.


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