Elisha Cuthbert What A Wild Ride She Was!!! - Oct 2017



Yes we were married once 


She decided to keep my surname 


I couldn't keep up with her in the sack you see 


Elisha Cuthbert What A Wild Ride She Was!!! 


I don't mean to sound so disrespectful but.... 


I wanted to ask... 



Elisha, I dedicate the following writing to you: 




Bodacious loquacious


broomstick, riotous


she was also either, 


handkerchiefs from the smile


pretentious incubatory...Illusionist


imbalance when I was, idyllic iceboat


inductance ticklish


ghoulish, Charlottetown frown behind


vexatious gold... Twitch impeach the


bleach, peach


aquarium trying to bishrosarian 


equilibrium melting cautious


television games.... Bludgeon


delusion the land of, lexicon


oxygen casserole... 




Frog, arse-hole...
Go away.

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