Yeah B#tch, Infiltrating Your Team - Dec 2017

#WIP this post isn't finished yet but thought I'd post it now and edit it further later...


August toned / mistaken ships


I woke up this morning thinking about the dew on his glass grasshopper. I said  ' I won't leave my bed' but there was drowning, so I jumped out the window and realised my altitude was 84 thousand feet.


Heaven's concentration, wasted some fun, oh the fun times; all he needed was a bit of fun. He wanted to see those trojans out there and a new hair chair. I want the chair so I can throw it at you.


The graphics, incredible graphics, if it looked nice; was pretty much what it was about. Back in thine old ectoplasmic days.


I was walking though town one afternoon, keeping myself to myself and a Muppet materialized. A bad tempered... blood thirsty sky blue glass of cloaks.


Blowing your combustible paint, charismatic lights, such delights you scrape heights; thrice behold. Witches on brew sticks, working their joysticks to the bone.


The thing upstairs shouting and looking for forces broomstick whack, sprightly whisky on, ascending retinal cookies.


Acrobat chip, street fighting lady

#Wasted sum fun plums, friendly inferior firefly, skulls of blood, dreamt intensity. If you don't like it you can always fire me?


No ones favourite hour of daze, might look alright but feel bloody awful yellow or green slime that smells like something special, spacial presidential; Christmas balls and I went to Oxford.


Grinning couples, it's trunk all over the place, but makes me vail green. Black lightening waves of green and red wash over me, again and again and again, serrated blades acerbic flaccid and apple favourite.


Daylight awash semantics fazed gazed but we paint favourably... Now them, looming lemming reality broken association operating the normal range.... sweetened cytoplasmic yogurt.


Paved medical ascorbic retinas.


Giant jolly bad tempered overlooked, bloodiest parties, not seen her soothing frenetic.... synaptic ignorantly somatic, citric phosphoric; carrying those shocking arduous.


Diabolist, princess melodize mattress, otherwise... We buzz dextrose progress, space minidress, two their left regress... all we blindingly need, isotonic Jurassic, left know why.


Blocked up hidden award alike the dirty Secretary... aliens have come here before sometimes from my mind resigned, televised tools and you look like a total tool.


You aren't complaining and bloodstream dreams, neon melon, Marshall yellow eyed dogs. Green pupils.... will this ever not be enough character custard, Ladybugs screams...


On the moon, it's enough enlightening enlistment, or your palate.