Yeah that's so cool... Pretty pictures.

Chris Cuthbert, Psychedelic Rock, Digital Art
So groovy, so cool...
My guinea pig, Funny 3d art, pretty colours
So cute...

So I am pretty much feeling brilliant about having managed to escape the clutches of the ICT nerds from a computer class I'd been taking many years ago.


It is interesting how something from days of old should be faded but radiates fluorescently in my mind.

Annie F Cuthbert, artwork
My Great Great Grandmother, born in Wales, lived in Cheltenham as a kid. Moved to Bristol and was a dress maker.
Art, quotes, bigmouse
Up all night, ducking.

Uhhh, yeah I forget what her name is now.


It's a bit like staying in a hotel for about 10 months but it feels a lot more like 10 to 15 years.


Suave Boy-band blocks


Simon Chrysanthemum, that would be a really great idea for my stage name.


I would fight you man to man, but surely you would enjoy the intimacy, thus; best avoided. 


Greening Out


I don't know about you lot but didn't that high profile romance between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, make you want to chunder?


Go 10 mins without looking at your smart phart-ridge


These days a lot of people want to film or take pictures of every small detail, some things are best left undocumented I can tell you. Mentioning no names ahahaha...





Teardrop Legal Opulence
Stripy nakedness, head case haven. She said she was liquefied, memory was passed off. The bastard smiled at him, polished clinical intensifies, teenage wasp agonizing.


Demon Rodents, Count Parrots
Lucid heart, puzzle godfather, honeydew. Oxymoronic plum choclit drink, princess dressing. Cinema globe flower, dynamite butterfly. He laughed, insufficient melt away after skiing thought.

Cemetery Sunsets
Sunday came, great wrongdoing, be-headings and blinding Murdoch. Joyless light-year but subsequent visionary hours.


Thanks for coming pretty lady.


Got a problem but can't find them? You should hire the, uhhh actually just drop us a line folks.

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