Avril's Previous Album From 2013

Avril has a new album for 2019 but we don't have our shit together right now!!

OMFG Avril Lavigne Album Review 

Avril Lavignes New Old Album Review Exclusively At theebigmouse.com!!!! 


The self titled album, Avril came up with in 2013 I estimate, or if I remember correctly. So, why the fcku am I reviewing this? Everyone must have heard it by now if they were interested. Well my response to that is: 

There’s always new fans a new generation of audience new to it. Must be why a band like ‘The Doors’ keeps re-releasing the same music but in different packaging. It’s not just them who are the guilty parties though. Ohh no.  [End of response] 

Probably worth pointing out, Avril Lavigne, yeah I wouldn’t say no to her. Avril is married to the singer from ‘Nickel Back’ and if there ever was a crap band, they would conceivably be it hahahaha. She should so leave him and come sit on my spike. 

Let’s have a run through of the best tracks, or at least the ones that were on my copy, in my opinion the best ones any way. 


Hello Kitty 

The video for this was so great we thought, you know what it made me think of, umm yeah in a sweet shop it appears to be yes. I thought at first we were getting a look up Avril’s skirt with no underwear briefly, but upon closer inspection, she was wearing flesh coloured tights or leggings. No such luck, still a very interesting effect is achieved. I like the bit near the end where it all goes quiet and she says ‘Meow’. That just makes my bloody day. 

This is likely my favorite track on the album. Not sure what the lyrics were, sounded like something about a mean psycho, but who knows. 

Bitchin Summer 

Looking forward to a bitchin summer, seems to be what this track is about. Great sunshine pop music here with some acoustic guitar sounds, kind of plods along nicely. 


Bad Girl 


This one features Marilyn Manson, of whom I’m not such a big fan, I remember him being very popular when I went back to college and I was too old to be there it felt like. But any way lots of students seemed to have Marilyn t-shirts. 

However, this is an excellent track, take my word for it, don’t bother checking it out for yourself! 

Avril is the star of this one, we can just about hear her speaking the words to the song, alongside the sung lyrics. The wonders of modern technology. 




Oh fcku this post is getting too long so I’m going to end it around here!!!! 

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By the way Avril has her own website, avrillavingne.com  

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