Aquamarine Werewolves Paradise Whispering Shelves - May 2019

Aquamarine Werewolves Paradise Whispering Shelves 

Aquamarine Werewolves, paradise whispering shelves. 

Whoever told you werewolves don’t exist, was telling you porky pies. Even at the beach huh, yeah evermore so I’m afraid. 

Great tall Palm trees lining the white powdery sand which leads to turquoise waves of water. Hooooooooowwwllllll. 

The moon is full this night. 

Waves gently lapping on the sand making whispering sounds and noise. The sun shone brilliantly as the light looked like stars sparkling on the water in the distance. 

Beautiful girls in swimming costumes that don’t leave much to the imagination. Shit what am I saying there’s girls with their tops off. Here there and what have you. 

Who would have thought werewolves inhabit these parts? 

As I walk down to the sea I look to my left and there’s three great looking ladies with their thirties out laying back staring up at the sky. A sight to behold but anyway I continue down to the ocean and pretend I didn’t see that. 

Werewolves love bare breasts, not many folk know that. I bet my bottom dollar that that is a very useful and Interesting piece of Information. For werewolf enthusiasts and novices alike. 

The only way to stop these atrocious creatures, a silver bullet to the melon. 

The Angel of death brought these virulent brastrads to these parts in ancient times. During the war of 8000BC, utilising a sci fi teleportation device not unlike the kind of thing in the 80s or 90s film ‘The Fly’. If you’ve not seen that it's good to put it on your ‘shit to do list’. 

Thanx for coming 

See you for the concluding part of this jolly tale some other time maybe 🙂 

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