Chocolate Pyramid Potato Towers Songs From 2017 OCT 2020

18 hundred hours November 2017 words

Song 1

 Chocolate pyramid, potatoes towers x3 #chorus

Electric chairmanship x3


The old man on fire x2

And i went to Oxford....

Song 2 #we know such shy, to plough threw...
Picking flowers and looking through herself

we know such shy, to plough threw.. x2

Machine gun Stonehenge x3

Serrated Apple telepath x3

Such delights you scratched heights, we will shoe you #ending


Song 3 Glass Grasshopper....

Bristol Crystal like lime bloodshot x3 #chorus

Xray fairway dental mental x2

Abyssal rehearsal, lunisolar unipolar  vulture x2


Song 4 ....  #pink shipz, Dragon psycho

Druidical burger rays x3

Pink ships, Dragon psycho x3

We do not even use that sort of language #ending


Song 5

Here as well, couple of A-holes

Watermelon wolf reduces windmills x3

Baby yeeeeeah baby righhhhhht!!

Sour girls, flakes of bubbles gloom x2

Eviscerated once more before the afternoon, here as well


Song 6

Paris reduces tropical clear blair x3

Hot batches, cybernetic fries influencing x2

Faced with his nephew beyond x2 #chorus


Song 7

Despite her dreamworld s, erupting sundials x3

Uniformed candles, infectious cemeteries x2

False Tourette s x3 #ending


Song 8

We never rip no one off!!!! Sublime stone dreams x2

Yeah that's right, it's alright

Wow matey, nothing, she loved it 4x

And that is the end of that lad!!!!


Song 9

My dear boy, gently does it x3

she gives you two fingers x2


Song 10

Blood on his fangs Icicles bats; lots of them........Shit x3

Feminine evil farce, icicles blood dripping, chocolate strawberry jam... cranberry juice.. I will be pissing like a fountain...#spoken

Tropical islands , special treatment x3


Song 11
 Shit end battles

Boiling sea spray x3


Great cities, fab cities , shitend beatles x4


Song 12 bobbling chewing gloom

Right now, you are, fucking things up..  x3

Yeah that's alright